Healthy Knees Workshop

This class is taught by:

Carla Wainwright

...started practicing yoga in 1996, the original motivation — to touch her toes! She had no idea the journey she was beginning to undertake would be so profound and transformational. Seventeen years later, she can touch her toes, and along the way she discovered that her talent and her passion has become helping others nourish their unique journey toward self discovery.

Carla is one of the founders and owners of Chinook Yoga and founded the studio along with Ken Gleeson in 2001. She teaches a wide range of classes - from Yin Yoga to Vinyasa to Pre-Natal. She is a senior faculty member of the SOYA Yoga Teacher Training Program. She has over 17 years of teaching experience and loves working with students to explore opening and connecting to the etheric body as a means to merge to the higher Self. Carla is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500) and a member of the International Yoga Teacher's Association. She leads regular teacher trainings and retreats in both Prince George and Mexico. Her personal website can be found at

Every year, nearly 11 million Americans complain to doctors about knee pain. Your yoga practice can be a source of yoga pain or the ideal therapy! In this workshop Carla will review knee anatomy and examine bad habits that lead to injuries and knee pain. We will learn multiple yoga inspired exercises to keep our knees healthy and to help knees that may be injured. You will open up to new ranges of motion and recondition your knees both inside and out!!