Carla Wainwright

...started practicing yoga in 1996, the original motivation — to touch her toes! She had no idea the journey she was beginning to undertake would be so profound and transformational. Seventeen years later, she can touch her toes, and along the way she discovered that her talent and her passion has become helping others nourish their unique journey toward self discovery.

Carla is one of the founders and owners of Chinook Yoga and founded the studio along with Ken Gleeson in 2001. She teaches a wide range of classes - from Yin Yoga to Vinyasa to Pre-Natal. She is a senior faculty member of the SOYA Yoga Teacher Training Program. She has over 17 years of teaching experience and loves working with students to explore opening and connecting to the etheric body as a means to merge to the higher Self. Carla is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500) and a member of the International Yoga Teacher's Association. She leads regular teacher trainings and retreats in both Prince George and Mexico. Her personal website can be found at

Carla Wainwright instructs the following:
  • Yin Fusion
  • In all Yang – there is still Yin. In all Yin, there is still Yang. In Yin Fusion we will balance the practice with some gentle flowing vinyasa, creating internal heat to prepare for movement into longer held Yin Yoga poses. Through awareness in all aspects of the practice we will find the edges of our limitations and subtly work beyond those boundaries with relaxed effort. This is an open class for all yogis.

  • Yin Yoga
  • The Yin aspect of Yoga uses long held relaxed floor postures to stretch and stimulate the "Yin" or deep connective tissues of the body.  This gentle practice will increase your flexibility, opening your hips, lower back and shoulders and will enhance your overall sense of well-being.

  • DIVING DEEP ~ Exploring Somatic and Emotional Release with YIN & EFT ~
  • Join Carla for an exploration of how to dive deep into our bodies and emotions using the practices of YIN Yoga, QiGong Healing Sounds and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Together we will use these practices to access our energetic meridian system in order to relieve psychological stress and pain, breakthrough limiting beliefs, increase emotional/physical ease and comfort - all of which help you create the life you want and express your potential more fully! $57+GST

  • Core Fluidity
  • Core fluidity will help you become strong and centered. The class will focus on developing core strength in the abdominal area as well as through the lower back and side body. Pranayama will also be explored. All levels welcome!

  • Pre-Natal Yoga
  • 6 week sessions dedicated to developing a nurturing yoga practice during pregnancy. Carla has been leading pre-natal yoga classes for more than 14 years and has helped hundreds of women enjoy easier pregnancies, deliveries and recoveries! Discovering yoga through your pregnancy is a wonderful experience. As your body changes and new life grows within you, yoga can help bring your mind and body into balance. Pre-natal classes are suitable for women who are more than 12 weeks pregnant right until their due dates. However, we advise you to begin classes before the 32nd week of pregnancy. Contact us if you would like to start after your 32nd week. Each session has 6 classes. For more information or to register, please call us at 564.YOGA or email carla at
    Note: you cannot register yourself directly, you must contact Carla or the studio first.