Ken Gleeson

...has been practicing and teaching yoga since the mid 90's. He is one of the founders of Chinook Yoga. Ken initially started practicing yoga as a form of exercise and stretching. He later became aware that yoga not only stretched and toned his body, making it stronger and more flexible, but also relieved stress from both body and mind.During his studies with SOYA Ken quickly realized that yoga was a spiritual journey for him. The philosophy laid out in the ancient yoga texts answered many questions on life for him, as well as verifying some of his thoughts and ideas on life. Ken integrates this feeling of spirituality into his yoga classes. In his yoga class Ken practices a flow style of yoga, moving from one pose to another, pausing briefly to experience each pose. He encourages students to work to their own level while respecting their body and any personal limitations they may have, but also provide the opportunity for personal challenge. Practicing yoga with these ideas in mind he guides, cautions and encourages students through the class.

Ken Gleeson is currently not instructing any classes.