Gillian Recknell

Gillian Recknell - outdoor enthusiast, forest bather, yogi; B.PE (exercise science) RYT 200

I have always loved and practiced yoga, mainly for the euphoria after a good stretch. In 2010 I developed chronic back pain and decided to take my practice deeper. Having a Kinesiology background I understood that a good yoga teacher was paramount to my recovery - one who understood biomechanics of the body. Several of the Chinook teachers became my mentors. I became stronger, my back healed and I was very much drawn to all the other health benefits from daily practice. I felt a deep shift happen from gaining better body awareness, presence, and truly understanding the meaning of less is more. In 2016 I completed my teacher training through SOYA , and my first level of yoga therapy training with Functional Synergy. Since then I have been teaching in various places throughout the community.
My goal as a yoga teacher is to help others find this shift - help them to move with more ease and have greater presence in their lives.

Gillian Recknell instructs the following:
  • Chair Yoga - by donation
  • Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support.