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I began practicing yoga out of curiosity approximately 15 years ago while in university. I began a deeper exploration of yoga within the past 5 years as a way to physically, emotionally, and spiritually cope with a chronic autoimmune disease, as well as a way to manage work-related stress. I completed my 200hr YTT at Chinook this spring, and am grateful for the opportunity to share my practice with others. I believe that anyone can do yoga, and my goal as an instructor is to create a safe space where the practice and its benefits are accessible to all. When I'm not on the mat, I enjoy travelling, and spending time in nature with my husband and my puppy.
Initially drawn to yoga for strength building and other benefits, Laura quickly found that yoga is more than a fitness class, it is a way to be in the world. Laura has since found personal healing through building physical as well as emotional strength by incorporating yoga teachings into daily life. Laura offers open, accessible, and inclusive yoga classes that show the beauty and benefits of a regular yoga practice. She believes that yoga allows us to wake the teacher within so that we can be our genuine selves. Laura is from Prince George and completed her SOYA 200 RYT Certificate at Chinook Yoga in Spring 2016.
Bio coming soon! Join Katie in the Saturday Vinyasa Hot class starting in January 2017!
Michelle first discovered yoga in 2004 to sooth her injured body and still her meandering mind. Yoga became Michelle’s outlet for creative exploration and her support system through University.
In 2012, Michelle became a certified teacher, with the desire to create a platform for others to heal and explore.

To Michelle, yoga is an inquisitive wave: an intention sparks from a seemingly still sea of consciousness, slowly rippling into an intensity of energy and playful exploration, ultimately reaching a pinnacle of awareness, then naturally returning to an effortless culmination of stillness.

Michelle aspires to inspire her students to find joy in every movement and every moment. Her classes are a potluck of traditions, with the key ingredients of introspection, alignment and creative flow, always being served up. Expect to laugh, sweat and lovingly challenge your mind and body.

Kirsten found yoga after her eldest son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called MPS in 2001. A former professional figure skater, Kirsten was drawn to the movement, strength and grace of yoga asana, but soon realized it was the connection to her breath that helped her still her mind and calm her spirit. For over a decade, she honed her yoga practice (which evolved from Ashtanga to Vijnana to Vinyasa Flow and Power) while supporting and advocating for Canadians affected with MPS and other rare diseases as the executive director of the Canadian MPS Society. In the spring of 2015, she took a leap of faith and enrolled in Vancouver’s Karma Teachers College, a revolutionary experience that deepened her knowledge and love of yoga and her commitment to a dedicated practice rooted in selfless service. A new resident of Prince George, she is excited to share her passion for yoga with others who are seeking a tool for transformation.
Laura first stepped on the mat 12 years ago and fell in love with the peace, compassion, and acceptance of self that came with the practice of yoga. As a former figure skater, Laura enjoys the flow and movement that yoga offers, exploring balance, strength and breath through each pose. Along with the spiritual and mental balance that yoga brings to her life, Laura enjoys the lightness of yoga through playing and exploring new and challenging poses.

Laura completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Tandava Yoga in the discipline of Kripalu and is excited to expand her knowledge and experience through further training.

...started practicing yoga in 1996, the original motivation — to touch her toes! She had no idea the journey she was beginning to undertake would be so profound and transformational. Seventeen years later, she can touch her toes, and along the way she discovered that her talent and her passion has become helping others nourish their unique journey toward self discovery.

Carla is one of the founders and owners of Chinook Yoga and founded the studio along with Ken Gleeson in 2001. She teaches a wide range of classes - from Yin Yoga to Vinyasa to Pre-Natal. She is a senior faculty member of the SOYA Yoga Teacher Training Program. She has over 17 years of teaching experience and loves working with students to explore opening and connecting to the etheric body as a means to merge to the higher Self. Carla is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500) and a member of the International Yoga Teacher's Association. She leads regular teacher trainings and retreats in both Prince George and Mexico. Her personal website can be found at www.carlawainwright.com.

Jaylene brings her background as a Kinesiologist and a Yoga Teacher to the mat every time she teaches a class.  The experience of being a teacher and connecting with students is a big part of her own practice in remaining grounded in living her life.    She is grateful for all the teachers that she has had the opportunity to train with and draws on these experiences to form every yoga class she offers at Chinook Yoga. Jaylene offers opportunities for every level of student to explore their practice with curiosity, ease and presence and most of all a smile : ) - happy exploring!!
Her personal website can be found here: www.jaylenepfeifer.com
...is an enthusiastic teacher of Hatha yoga with a little vinyasa, power yoga, the yoke, and good times thrown in. He is also an owner of Chinook Yoga. Since his first experience of doing Yoga with a friend’s book on a cold winter’s night for five hours, his practice, with ebb and flow, has been a happy and fulfilling relationship in understanding himself and the world around him. He completed his 200hr SOYA teacher training in Mexico in February 2010 with Mugs McConnell and Carla Wainwright. Jeff is influenced by the teachings of Erich Schiffmann with whom he completed a ten day teacher training workshop in August 2010. His practice and classes are focused on exploring where one can go with body, mind and spirit.
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