Dawson Day recently graduated from the College of New Caledonia Kinesiology Diploma program. Dawson is an athlete having played hockey, football, and soccer competitively including competing in soccer in the BC Summer games for Northern BC. He applies his in depth experience and knowledge to his fitness classes and personal fitness plans. Dawson is an approachable down to earth trainer who is interested in providing the best experience possible. 


Balance Class (Beginners) 
An exercise routine directed toward creating a strong foundation for participants new to fitness, focusing on many different forms of balance, body control, and basic strength exercises.

Burn Class (Intermediate) 
For anyone who wants to work up a sweat and feel the burn, this exercise routine is focused on keeping up your heart rate, improving muscle endurance and cardiovascular endurance.


Strength Class (Intermediate and Experienced) 
For those looking to greatly improve their muscular strength you will be challenged with more advanced movements specifically selected to promote full body strength and range of motion.