Katie Paolucci

Katie Paolucci is a Kinesiologist, as well as a CSEP-CPT (Canadian Society for Exercise
Physiology-Certified Personal Trainer) with specialization in pre and post natal exercise and working with older adults. Although she specializes in these specific fields, she is a passionate group fitness instructor who uses a combination of strength training, HIIT and metabolic training techniques in all of her classes. Her classes are also adaptable for all fitness levels. 

Katie found her passion for fitness while fighting her own weight loss battles and pain associated with being inactive. After finally getting motivated to try yoga, her pain started to diminish, and she could see that this was for her. She was able to become more physically active and finally lose her excess weight. 

Her own experiences had inspired her to get her kinesiology diploma, become a personal trainer and share what she had learned through her education, as well as in life.