Yoga is union. A union with yourself, with your sangha, with the earth. Yoga is a way of nourishing the body, mind and soul to bring us into a more balanced and aware state of being. A way of living life with more ease and joy. A way of being present in the experience of each moment. It serves as a reminder to live and love fully, to step into fears as they arise, to be light in our heart and soul, to stay passionate and curious!

Meghans yoga journey began in 2010 as she sought a path to freedom from suffering. Using her own suffering as a as a guide to seek a deeper connection and means of healing, she became curious about yoga and yogic philosophy. Through yoga she learned to peel back the layers between the ahamkara(ego-self) and the atman(universal/true self), she discovered herself and in doing so she found her path.

Meghan became a yoga teacher to help others on the journey of self discovery, self love, and freedom from their sufferings. She is passionate about sharing the gift of yoga with anyone who is curious! “You are the universe in ecstatic motion” -Rumi. Let’s discover the wonder of ourselves, together!