When Carolyn first discovered the ancient discipline of yoga, she found  home. What began as a self-taught practice out of an old black & white book in the mid-90s, later blossomed into a desire to share her love of yoga with her community. In 2005 Carolyn pursued yoga teacher training through the Iyengar Yoga Centre of Victoria followed by more extensive training in 2006 through the SOYA graduate program at Chinook Yoga studio in Prince George. A 2008 trip to India to visit the birthplace of yoga and train with various yoga masters sent Carolyn  deep into the heart of her practice and evermore inspired to help transform the lives of others. She made yoga her soul/sole business and expanded her teachings all around Prince George, becoming one of the pioneers who helped grow Vinyasa Yoga, Hot Yoga and Laughter Yoga within the city. 
Carolyn’s classes challenge both the novice and the experienced student to the degree in which they are at. They are a deep dive into oneself, into conscious breath and dynamic flow with the intent to witness the subtle energetic and experience transformation and connection. She encourages students to leave their expectations at the door and come explore!